Goddess of Music photoshoot!

My Goddess of Music photoshoot has finally happened! Thanks to the lovely photographer Luke Perrin for his wonderful shots!

425214_10152853473270562_1419407597_n 945786_10152853473150562_256548243_n nicccci with turmpet


Batik cloth #2 and some shibori

This is the second cloth for my children’s clothes, it will look a lot different once its been steamed and rinsed, but I wanted to show the how different it looks when the wax is on and after its been ironed. So the top of the picture the wax is still on the cloth and the bottoms been ironed out.

The two other pieces of cloth are organic cotton jersey that I shiboried and intend to sew into onesies for little babies.




Mother Earth

Here are the shots from the photo shoot. My photographer, Felix, is also a graphic designer so he is going to alter the images to make them appear more surreal. Some are a little dark for my taste but that will also eventually be fixed.

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